The First Fire Chief selected was D. W. Allen and some of the first members included: A. E. Cooley, Ed Cochran, Walter Davis, Howard Weddle, Raymond Shockley, Nuckolls Nester, Dixie Morris, Roy Utt, Kyle Horton, Jim Hundley, Mike Lupeshore, John Salmon, Dewey Quesenberry, and Clinton Jett who served until his death in 1983.
   The First Fire House was built in 1932; a small one-room building next to the jail on what is now the corner of Center and Cherry Street. In the late 1930's a larger building was needed and money was set aside from an ordinance on drunk driving, and after the conviction of the first 26 people, the town had $2,600 for the building, and the property was secured from Elmer Jett with construction beginning shortly afterward. Delays arose due to three councilmen being defeated in re-election The new council would not accept the new fire house and it remained empty until the next election. The new building was finally accepted and moved into on West Grayson Street on December 5, 1940. This building had room for two trucks and one room upstairs where meetings and special functions were held; prior to this the members would often meet at the courthouse.
In May 1941, the Department joined the Virginia State Fireman's Association, and the first uniforms ordered in June of the same year. In January of 1942, the Town Council allowed the Department to begin answering calls outside of the town limits due to the outbreak of World War II. In 1946, the County purchased its first fire truck and gave it to the Department to operate. This was a 500-gallon pumper mounted on a Chevrolet chassis. Two additional bays were added on either side of the building, and the members then put in new plumbing. Throughout the 1950's the department continued to expand the Grayson Street Station, while trucks were stored in the Elementary School on Oak Street, and several other locations in the Town of Hillsville. In 1965 the Carroll County Board of Supervisors purchased a new 500-gallon Ford pumper, which was delivered in August of that year. Upon delivery of this truck, the Chevrolet was given to Cana Volunteer Fire Department upon its formation during 1965.
With the development of new synthetic materials, which give off poisonous gases and heavy smoke, being used in construction materials, the department purchased its first smoke ejector with a portable generator and flood lights and deodorizer. Up until May of 1967 the members were dependent upon the siren located behind the jail, where fire calls were received and the siren controls located. Those members that were out of hearing distance of this siren had to be notified by telephone. In May of 1967 the department purchased Plectrons and in August of that year these units were put into operation, saving valuable time, which is so important in fire fighting.

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