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"Reproduced from Virginia State Police website,"
Virginia’s ‘Move It ’ law
Virginia’s “Move It” law (§ 46.2-888) states, “If the driver is capable of safely doing so and the vehicle is movable, (you) may move the vehicle from the roadway to prevent obstructing the regular flow of traffic.”

If you’re in a fender bender with no injuries and you can move your vehicle, move it from the travel lanes. It’s the law. When you leave your vehicle on the road after a crash, you add to
traffic back-ups, which then may cause other more serious crashes in terms of property damage and personal injury.
If you Are in a crash:
Check for injuries.
If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately.
If no one is injured, and traffic is blocked,
move the vehicles to the nearest safe location, then call 911.

Notify law enforcement when:

• There are injuries or fatalities
• Vehicles can’t be moved
• One of the drivers appears to be intoxicated
• Damage exceeds $1,500
• One of the drivers has no insurance
• One of the drivers leaves the crash scene
Virginia’s "Move Over" law
Virginia law (§ 46.2-921.1) states that “upon approaching a stationary vehicle that is displaying a flashing, blinking or alternating blue, red or amber light or lights,” drivers shall: • “On a highway having at least four lanes, at least two of which are intended for traffic proceeding as the approaching vehicle, proceed with caution and, if reasonable, with due regard for safety and traffic conditions, yield the right of way by making a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the stationary vehicle or  “If changing lanes would be unreasonable or unsafe, proceed with
due caution and maintain a safe speed for highway conditions.” A single violation of the “Move Over” law is punishable as a traffic infraction. Subsequent violations may be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.
When you call 911 to report an accident, give an exact description of the crash location – routes, streets, city, county and distance to nearest landmark (exit number, mile marker, bridge, intersection, etc.).
"Reproduced from Virginia Department of Transportation Website, http://"